Apple tablet and affordance

The proposed new iTablet/Slate/Pad is going to change the way we interact with applications/ programs.

The iPhone has led the way with affordance and application integration, easing the way we access information on the internet, its enabled fingers to be linked directly to actions with the screen touching the desired action be it opening up applications to typing on the virtual keyboard, I for one was now a fan of predictive texting and small keys on my old phone but since switching to an iPhone its changed the times I can keep up dating sites ( Joomla iPhone Application ) and keeping in touch with clients and friends.

The multi touch screens a revolution, its the past two weeks of introducing members of the local U3A to computers at Coleg Harlech WEA (N) that the disconnection between the hand and eye and ability to use a mouse that the value of touch screens can afford to users connecting actions to applications will enable people who can’t easily connect hand eye mouse and screen together.

So there are mouse exercises out there ( online) but if one can pick up a tablet and touch to open and double tap to zoom and pinch and expand with ease the days of the mouse and key are surely numbered .

I for one cant wait to get my hand on one of the tablets to see if the hype lives up to or even exceeds my expectations very soon.

As I have already said on face book bring it on Apple.

2 thoughts on “Apple tablet and affordance

  1. I agree that multi-touch technology has huge potential to include people who currently find it hard to manipulate the usual computer hardware. Like Ian, I worry about the size of the iPhone display relative to what some may need, so the tablet may be a solution, although not affordable by all. I am also interested in t he idea of hone-made multtouch e.g., but I haven’t tried this myself yet!

  2. 3 years down the road iPads have come to dominate curriculum in education – Apple are really supportive of education and learning – and they work where other tablets just dont cut the mustard !

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