Well it’s taken the release of the new iPhone 3gs to prompt my purchase of an iPhone – and what an experience it is like I have said on facebook I don’t know how I have managed for so long without one ?
The cost of ownership had put me off till now but thanks to apple bringing out the 3Gs the 3G’s are Ginger cheap, so cost of ownership is greatly reduced hence the phone in my hand right now, I d like the text input I find I’m able to type a lot quicker than on a conventinal computer keyboard, a limiting factor in not blogging often but no I have the phone it’s so much easier for me to keep the blog up to date on the move.

I’m on the process of applying for a Phd relating to community development online and offline, I’m trying to formulate the area of research and the questions I’m going to be examining, a task I have to fit in around my work at the college and on peoples websites at http://climb8.com

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